Responsibility, respect for regulations and the community.

We are working endlessly to develop the quality and sustainability of our production process. Pointex production has obtained the mentioned certifications because we guarantee the lowest environmental impact and absolute safety in the use of our products, to respect the highest quality standard. 

Big responsibility towards people and our community derives from important roles.



Our management system is certified ISO 9001, which guarantees quality and high standard: we have added this certification to improve constantly and increase our efficiency, decrease the cost and increase our customer’s satisfaction.


Our Quality Management System – thanks to the materials we use – complies with the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 that guarantees high product safety and accurate control to protect our consumers.

Complete quality management is continuously monitored and documented according to EN ISO 13485:2016 Certification. 

The Global Recycle Standard Certification testifies our constant attention to environmental sustainability and compliance with environmental criteria at all stages of our production.

The Gots certification attests our commitment to a sustainable and responsible development of our organic textile products, from the harvest of the natural fibres, through the subsequent manufacturing stages, to the labelling.


Our system of environmental certification is guaranteed by Standard ISO 14001, a regulation which gives us a structure to implement our environmental management.


Our fire-resistant treatments, both temporary and permanent, passed the tests of Italian Ministry of the Interior and have received certifications from Italian and European authorities.


Attraverso la Politica Ambientale e della Qualità si intende porre in risalto la volontà aziendale di recepire, conseguire e mantenere la conformità alla normativa cogente e più in generale a tutte le prescrizioni che l’Azienda sottoscrive (accordi volontari) in relazione agli aspetti ambientali direttamente o indirettamente connessi all’organizzazione