Shoes and Accessories

We plan and realize fabrics for shoes for the manufacturing of shoe uppers and for the structure of shoes and accessories. 

With an endless variety of designs, colours and customizations we can approach both the worlds of safety shoes and fashion shoes. 

Pointex can supply any specific fabric for the inside lining of safety shoes, traditional and classic Made in Italy shoes, but also for other renditions such as sneakers, slippers and insoles.

Safety Shoes

For safety shoes we produce soft and flexible fabrics for uppers, linings, anti-perforation insoles which conform to ISO 12568.2010. Our fabrics have a high abrasion resistance and may be supplied with fire retardant and water repellent treatments.

Fashion Shoes

For fashion shoes, we completely produce them in Italy using customizable, comfortable and breathable fabrics for uppers, linings and plain and jacquard sock linings. One can choose endless products: simple jersey, jersey with holes effect, jersey with relief (two levels of knitting), elastic fabrics, 3D fabrics, velours, special yarns with a function, and also eco-friendly fabrics.


Our Style Office is at disposal to develop together with buyers any kind of collection, coordinating the fabrics for shoes with those for matching backpacks and bags.