United, determined, and enthusiastic.

We are united by a common mission: we are proud to cooperate to build a better future together.


We dream of an eco-friendly world where fabrics are part of the change.

A future of well-being and health, efficiency, respect for environment, and a decrease of waste. A world where the fabric mill benefits man and not vice-versa; where everyone in our community is requested to contribute – with their own value – for an even richer heritage of knowledge and intelligence with a strong reference point for Italian culture and quality. A future where Pointex is a player in the global world, thanks to the team of people that share this project and that work hard every day to create it.

Each one of us is an interpreter for change.


To meet people’s requirements for their everyday life with one-of-a kind innovative textile solutions.

Since 1991 we have been concentrating on creativity, technology and environmental sustainability, and non-stop moving forward.

Always concentrating our energy on the research and development of new fibers, new uses, and new characteristics.

Honouring the courage of experimentation.

Promoting the desire for new challenges.

Propagating a culture of quality which has always been a symbol of “Made in Italy”.


Pointex was born in 1991 in Prato, the biggest textile district in Europe that is renowned all over the world.

The first production arises, like the following productions, from the capacity to listen to the market and to solve people’s requirements with innovative textile solutions.

The founder Marco Ranaldo began the production of textile fabrics for car seat covers in a period when cars were a necessity to be protected, exhibited, and preserved.

The group

One of the most important worldwide reality in the sector.

The group of the four companies Pointex, Alma, LTA and Logo Firenze was born from the aggregation and integration of different realities all operating in the Prato textile industrial district.

The Group is one of the most important worldwide companies in the sector: the various offices, if integrated, can boast a production area of ​​approximately 50,000 square meters of plants and 400 workers.