One of the most important worldwide reality in the sector.

The group of the four companies Pointex, Alma, LTA and Logo Firenze was born from the aggregation and integration of different realities all operating in the Prato textile industrial district.

The Group is one of the most important worldwide companies in the sector: the various offices, if integrated, can boast a production area of ​​approximately 50,000 square meters of plants and 400 workers.

Pointex is specialized in textile solutions and in the customization of fabrics and carpets
Alma is a leading producer of needle punch carpet
LTA operates in the sector of felts and special fabrics for footwear
Logo Firenze is a sartorial excellence in the production of men’s and women’s outerwear

The integrations between the different realities and the dimensions reached by the Group allow us to face the new challenges of the markets with flexibility and speed. The ability to be reactive, adaptive, and proactive with respect to the needs of the market and growing to a production capacity of global dimensions will be increasingly important.

Although coming from different experiences, both historically and industrially, these four companies have the textile ‘system’ as their common denominator. These realities have put together a group vision in which to bring together important synergies both in terms of product development and research, commercial presence in strategic areas, distribution and communication.