Technical fabrics produced and tested for performance.

Pointex was born in 1991 as a producer of technical fabrics for car seat covers immediately integrated with fabrics for the office and cinema.

From that very first day of life, we have been producing technical fabrics which are used internationally in the most varied branches.

Innovation is very important for these kinds of fabrics and Pointex stands out for that with an endless experimentation, thanks to our research and development department which suggests new developments both from a technical and an aesthetical point of view.

With the versatility of our machines and the flexibility of our production we can supply even small companies and we can customize nearly every fabric with endless possibilities of combining such as with membranes and different thickness.


The production history of Pointex was born in 1991 solely to supply fabrics to the automotive industry.

From that first day our research never stopped, endlessly updating our range of articles, colours and customizations for any kind of vehicle.

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Our catalogue “baby” contains a wide range of fabrics for babies tested to protect their well-being in the first years of life and conform to the rules in force to produce articles for babies such as strollers, prams, safety car seats, cribs and baby beds.

The fabric is an essential element to produce articles for baby safety and is able to give visibility and taste according to trends and style.

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Shoes & Accessories

We plan and realize fabrics for shoes for the manufacturing of shoe uppers and for the structure of shoes and accessories.

With an endless variety of designs, colours and customizations we can approach both the worlds of safety shoes and fashion shoes.

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Cinemas & theatres

Once you’re sitting comfortably, you can enjoy the show!

Pointex fabrics are an essential part of this comfort thanks to the endless technological research to reach this concept.

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We spend a great part of our life in the office; we want to find serenity and the right energy to increase our efficiency.

We support contractors and designers in the realization of unique spaces for companies and professionals thanks to our fabrics for the office which are easy to use, smart and stylish.


Tappeti e tessuti cuciti su misura per la musica. 

Creiamo tessuti all’avanguardia pensati per i professionisti della musica adattabili nel colore e nelle dimensioni per venire incontro a qualsiasi esigenza creativa e organizzativa

Dalla nostra trentennale esperienza nel settore tessile nasce la produzione di innovativi tessuti tecnici e tappeti al servizio dei musicisti a partire da poliestere, poliestere riciclato e su richiesta anche da fibre naturali.

3D Fabrics

Tridimensional technical fabrics for the highest comfort and breathability. 

The alveolar structure of these fabrics is conceived to increase breathability. Their tridimensional structure causes highest air circulation inside the layers to have cool and dry fabrics