A 34,000-year-long plot

Human history is full of sparks of innovation that have changed its course forever. We know that since the dawn, in all areas, men have always sought new solutions to improve their living conditions. 

In the case of textiles, retracing history backwards is a complex operation, because many of the works that could have guided us have been lost. 

After long researches, we now know that the oldest fabric found so far is more than 34,000 years old and it tells us an unexpected story. 

Often, when we think about prehistory, we have a fictionalized idea of our ancestors, but thanks to this fabric fragment, found in Georgia in 2009, we know that even 34,000 years ago our ancestors were able to weave and dye various vegetable fibers.

This discovery, for example, tells us their needs, their propensity for breathable clothes able to accompany them in their daily tasks, instead of bulky and uncomfortable furs. 

Even then, humans had discovered the value of innovations that were able to make their everyday life easier, through fabrics adapted to their needs. 

Centuries later, our goal hasn’t changed.

The thread that leads from the Dzudzuana cave to us is made of an inexhaustible passion and curiosity. We want to pay homage to this passion and to the history of textiles, retracing some of the moments of greatest innovation, moments that have changed the history of an industry and the life of all of us.

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